This is a Token Basma Khalifa Alex Monroe JewelleryThis is a Token Basma Khalifa Alex Monroe Jewellery

Episode Thirty Three - Basma Khalifa

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Alex is thrilled to introduce our latest ‘This is a Token’ podcast episode with the multi-talented and brilliant Basma Khalifa @basmakhalifa.

After starting as a stylist in the fashion industry, Basma’s career evolved into documentary and filmmaking based on her own experience growing up with mixed and varied cultural influences.

Basma and Alex talk through their views on how race and gender are often portrayed within the media. They discuss in depth her debut documentary, ‘Inside the Real Saudi Arabia: Why I Had to Leave’ for the BBC and how much of a wild but incredible journey it was for her and her contributors.

Snuggle up with a cup of tea and listen in as Alex and Basma cover all this, and deep dive into the incredible stories behind Basma’s beautiful personal collection of jewellery. It’s truly a treasure trove from start to finish.

Basma is such a smart cookie and massively multi-talented… I hardly knew where to start. After a couple of seconds, we were chatting about everything and anything and we hardly knew where to stop. And some gorgeous jewellery too! - Alex Monroe

Basma Khalifa's JewelleryBasma Khalifa's Jewellery
Basma Khalifa's Jewellery

 Here are some useful links for further reading on topics discussed by Alex and Alice:

You can follow Basma on Instagram and Twitter:

Twitter - @basmakhalifa
Instagram - @basmakhalifa

‘Inside the Real Saudi Arabia: Why I Had to Leave’ BBC Documentary Clip:

Her Website:

Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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