Episode Eleven - Raven Smith

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We are so excited to kick off Season 2 of ‘This is a Token’, in conversation with the witty and wonderful Raven Smith. Raven is a wearer of so many interesting hats - from Humorist, Writer and Cultural Commentator to Instagrammer, Style Icon and more recently Jewellery Designer! You will of course recognise Raven and his slightly naughty influence from our genderless collaboration, 'Alex Monroe x Raven Smith'.

“What a treat to kick off Season Two with a right old natter with Raven Smith. Raven is kind of an old friend… in that we’ve worked together before... We collaborated on a brilliant collection of jewellery. The idea was to be non gender specific and the goal was for us both to love what we made. And we got there too! But the podcast was just a good old fashioned chat about this and that while we looked at some of Raven’s favourite pieces of jewellery. The thing is that Raven is just a really nice solid chap, but he’s also hilarious, so we had a lot of laughs too. Time went too fast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

- Alex Monroe

Listen in, as Raven and Alex have a fun and fascinating chat about his most meaningful ’tokens’. From a pair of pinky signet engagement rings left intentionally blank, to a theatrical necklace he has lived in for the past 9 years highlighting the sheer sentimentality of those personal treasures that sit next to your skin and your heart every single day. Plus, as is always promised with Raven, there are some hilarious reflections on being a chronic extrovert, Poirot as a cure for insomnia and how volunteering as a marshall during the pandemic brought out his inner head girl!

Alex Monroe X Raven Smith

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Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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