Episode Sixteen - Alistair Petrie

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The brilliant British actor Alistair Petrie joins Alex on our ‘This is a Token’ podcast for a chat about his most significant pieces of jewellery - from a silver ring set with a lapis lazuli made for him in Jaipur, to his third (!) wedding band featuring three interlinked rings of gold! With roles in The Night Manager, Sherlock, Rush and Star Wars, Alistair is currently best known and loved for his stand out role as the strict, inept and sexually repressed headmaster Mr. Goff in the brilliant Netflix comedy ‘Sex Education’ (with Season 3 kicking off on Friday 17th September!)

Listen in as Alex and Alistair have an engaging and varied chat about how he spotted his future wife, fellow actor Lucy Scott, from her beautiful head shot at drama school, how a particular poem by W B. Yeats connects him to the importance of art and drama in a dark world, and the delightful discomfort of watching the comedically confronting ‘Sex Education’ alongside your teenage kids!

Illustration by Connie Bella Monroe
Edited by Emily Sandford
Music by Daniel Patrick Cohen

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