Bespoke Service
Design your own future heirlooms

We have been hand-making jewellery in London for over 30 years, so our team is expertly placed to create beautiful one-off pieces, and personally source stones. Discover below how you can take an idea and turn it into your very own piece of Alex Monroe Jewellery.

Start Your Journey

We can start your Bespoke journey by email or telephone, but if possible we recommend booking an appointment to discuss your ideas in person. We will always try to accommodate your timeframe, but recommend allowing 6-10 weeks for your commission. Our design studio and workshop is located above our Snowsfields Boutique, in the heart of Bermondsey, London. We look forward to hearing from you!

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A Starting Point

Do you have an idea for a treasure you would like to create in Alex’s signature style? Whether it’s an existing style with an alternative choice of stones or an idea straight from your imagination, our Bespoke Service will help you bring it to life! We are able to cater to most budgets, however please note all Bespoke commissions are exclusive to 18ct gold or platinum.

The Process

The process is relaxed, yet creative and we can give as much guidance as you may need or help to channel your idea. Every commission is as unique in it’s process as it’s outcome, so we may start with an initial sketch, a silver model, or on other occasions we might work straight into precious metal.

Diamonds & Precious Stones

If you require stones in your piece, we will source a selection for you from our trusted suppliers. Unfortunately we are unable to work with customer-sourced stones, but are able on a case by case basis to repurpose inherited & heirloom stones to help create a new sentimental treasure.

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