Passed down over centuries of storytelling, Fables sees Alex and our design team craft a world of folklore and morality inspired by the age-old wisdom of Aesop. Every treasure has a tale to tell and a lesson to be learnt.

As vine leaves twist around Grecian columns, we discover an elaborately horned Mountain Goat, who is wise to the tricks of a cunning Wolf. An over-confident Hare engages in a race with a patient, determined Tortoise, whilst a noble Rooster strides on proudly, valuing his search for food above glittering jewels.

Fables will be the first Alex Monroe collection to be plated using Fairmined gold - a licensed accreditation that means we are supporting responsibly managed community mines.

Illustrated vine leaves Gold Plated Column Hinged Bracelet

Aesop's World of Ancient Greece

In Aesop’s world of Ancient Greece we set our scene. Where grand architectural columns are decorated with ornate sculptural details, standing tall in harmonious balance. Grape vines and leaves, lush and overgrown, twist and curve around the pillars, climbing high to reach the warm Grecian sunlight...

Illustrated Ram Mountain Goat Gold Plated Ram Necklace

Mountain Goat & Goat Family

'Look before you Leap'

A Mountain Goat heeds the cries of a Fox from the bottom of a deep well. Cunningly persuaded to jump in and take a refreshing drink of water, the Fox climbs the Goat’s elaborately curved horns and makes his escape...whilst the Goat is left behind in the well to learn his lesson. Meanwhile a family of Mountain Goats wisely pause before deciding whether to journey across a treacherous bridge…

Illustrated Tortoise

The Tortoise & the Hare

'Slow and Steady wins the Race'

The Tortoise and the Hare stand poised at the starting line, ready to begin their important race. As they set off, the elegant Hare speeds confidently ahead, and just shy of the end, curls up to take a refreshing nap before claiming victory. Little do they know, the Tortoise is ploding determinedly on, heading straight for the finishing line…

Illustrated olive branch Silver Heron Loop Necklace

The Heron & the Fish

'Do not be too hard to suit or you may have to settle!'

A Heron parades along the river bed, weaving in and out of the reeds, in an endless search for the biggest, juiciest and most perfect fish. Schools of all types, colours and sizes swim by throughout the day, but not one is good enough for the Heron... until they are left alone in the river with nothing to eat but a single tiny snail!

Illustrated rooster Silver Rooster Necklace

The Wise Rooster

'Be content with everything you have'

A hungry Rooster scratches for food in the barnyard, on the hunt for an ear of corn or an awn of barley. They uncover a precious diamond - yet the sparkling and valuable jewel holds no interest for the Rooster, who continues wisely on in their search for food...

Illustrated wolf howling Illustrated wolf howling

The Cunning Wolf

'Appearances can be Deceptive'

A hungry Wolf spends night after night prowling around a flock of sheep, only to be chased away by the shepherd and his sheepdog. Spotting a sheep skin on the ground, they disguise themselves as the newest member of the flock... and finally get their dinner!

Fairmined Gold

Our AW/21 collection Fables will be the first Alex Monroe collection to be plated using licensed Fairmined gold - an accredited standard which means that we are supporting responsibly managed community mines.

Between 2006 and 2008, the Alliance for Responsible Mining led a multi-stakeholder process in Latin America to develop a collective vision and principles for responsible artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). This led to the development of the Standard Zero, the world’s pioneering standard for responsibly mined gold and associated silver. In 2009, based on the Standard Zero, the first version of the Fairmined Standard was developed in partnership with Fairtrade.

In 2009, based on the Standard Zero, the first version of the Fairmined Standard was developed in partnership with Fairtrade.

In April 2014, after a transparent revision process with open forums involving a broad range of stakeholders including the whole supply chain, version 2.0 of the Fairmined Standard was released. The Fairmined Standard has been received by the miners, the gold industry, governments, and civil society as a robust and credible standard.