Friends of the Earth

We are proud to have been an approved charity partner of leading environmental organisation, Friends of the Earth since 2018, supporting a variety of their campaigns through our nature-inspired and sustainably-minded jewellery.

adelie penguin sterling silver necklace friends earth alex monroe jewellery

Adélie Penguin

Penguins are both adored and revered, and the cute but tough Adélie is no exception! Named after Adélie d'Urville - the wife of French polar explorer Dumont d'Urville, the petite Adélie penguin is native to Antarctica, and is a species increasingly under threat from habitat loss due to the melting polar ice caps caused by climate change.

25th April marks World Penguin Day, and takes place during the annual northern migration of Adélie penguins, where they journey to have better access to food as the sea ice expands during the winter months. By helping to protect Adélie penguins, we can benefit all of the wildlife that depend on this ocean environment.

alex monroe x friends of the earth hedgehog necklace mixed metal

Hedgehog Necklace

Once a common sight, we all get a little bit excited on the rare occasions we spot Britain’s most beloved garden creature, and only spiny mammal - the elusive Hedgehog!

Due to widespread habitat destruction, their populations are declining at an alarming rate - and in 2020 they were sadly listed as ‘Vulnerable to Extinction’ for the first time ever.

Luckily, there are so many simple things you can do to support your friendly neighbourhood hedgehogs - from the creation of ‘Hedgehog Highways’ linking neighbouring gardens to limiting your use of insecticides!

alex monroe x friends of the earth hedgehog necklace mixed metal

More Trees Please!

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Sign the Petition

Prevent mass extinction

Trees are an important ally in the fight against climate breakdown. They absorb carbon emissions whilst providing a home for nature, wildlife and humanity to thrive.

Unfortunately, over the centuries we have cleared our native Forests, leaving the UK with some of the lowest levels of woodland cover in Europe.

Friends of the Earth are petitioning the UK government to commit to doubling UK forest cover by 2045 as a sustainable response to the climate crisis.

'Donations are a huge support to communities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland so they can get the resources they need to plant more trees locally. They also help to push commitments from the government and councils to double tree cover.'

friends of the earth x alex monroe fallen leaf necklace in gold plate and silver

Limited Edition

Fallen Leaf Necklace

An ongoing campaign for Friends of the Earth is lobbying the government to commit to doubling the UK’s tree cover by the year 2045.

Trees play an incredible role in combating climate chaos, removing CO2 emissions from the air around us which contribute to climate change. Despite their importance, just 13% of the UK’s total land area has tree cover, compared to an EU average of 35%.

In support of this campaign, we created a Limited Edition Fallen Leaf Necklace, gently worn away to reveal it’s delicate internal structure, and set with two green garnets.

friends of the earth x alex monroe fallen leaf necklace in gold plate and silver
alex monroe  forest green trillion ring

One of a Kind

Forest Green Sapphire Trillion Ring

A forest green, trillion cut Sapphire is the centrepiece of this very special 18ct Gold One of a Kind Ring, was created especially for Friends of the Earth.

To mark Friends of the Earth’s bid to double the UK’s tree cover by the year 2045, we donated £2045 from the sale of this ring, to help their campaign efforts.

A Q&A with Jess from Friends of the Earth

What first sparked your involvement with environmental campaigning?

Growing up, I always loved being around nature and wildlife and I was completely animal-mad. But my turning point was at university when I stumbled across veganism online and read it was meant to have all these amazing health benefits. I gave it a go, but initially found it really hard to stick to – so I went back on the internet to print out some motivational posters to inspire me to keep going. Every poster I came across kept talking about the impact that eating meat and dairy was having on our planet, contributing to climate change and threatening the natural world I’d always cared about so much. I started researching it, and the more I read, the more shocked and scared I became – especially because no one around me seemed to be talking about it! I guess sharing that research with my friends and family and trying to persuade them to reduce their meat and dairy consumption was my first experience with environmental campaigning, but it sparked an obsession in me – so two years later, once I’d graduated, I applied for a job at Friends of the Earth!

At Friends of the Earth, what does a typical day look like for you?

I’m on the Corporate Partnerships Team at Friends of the Earth, so a big part of my job is working with partners, such as Alex Monroe to help them fundraise for our organisation and support our campaigns in a variety of ways. Many sustainable businesses have huge insight into the solutions to some of the biggest environmental challenges we face and can connect us with vast communities of like-minded people, so working with them is a crucial part of bringing about the change our world needs.  When I’m not working with our lovely existing partners, I’m out finding new companies to work with who are committed to tackling the climate breakdown and protecting our planet. As you can imagine, my daily routine involves a lot of research into the companies that come to us wanting to partner in order to make sure their values align with our own.

Why is the Double Tree Cover campaign so important?

Trees are one of the key solutions to the climate and nature emergencies. They play an incredible role in combating climate chaos by removing planet-wrecking emissions from the air around us, as well as providing homes for wildlife, boosting sustainable farming methods and bringing nature to people’s doorsteps. Yet despite their importance, just 13% of the UK’s total land area has woodland cover (compared to an EU average of 38%). We need strong, deliverable commitments from the Government that will avert these crises that includes a decision to double UK tree cover as part of a package of nature and climate solutions.

How does fundraising support the campaign?

Friends of the Earth runs on people power, and the more support we have, the bigger and quicker our impact! The donations we receive for our Trees Campaign support communities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, enabling us to provide them with the resources they need to campaign for more trees in their area. They also help us campaign directly for strong commitments from the government and councils to double tree cover, as well as work with landowners and farmers to communicate the importance of our aim and help them take steps to increase tree cover on their own land.

What’s next for Friends of the Earth?

Being a grassroots network, people and communities are at the heart of all that Friends of the Earth does. So while we’ll continue to pressure government to act on the climate and nature emergency, we want to make sure our network is supported by us in every way possible – throughout the pandemic, this meant showing them how they can connect and work with their communities online, or sharing nature-inspired videos and soundtracks to help lift their spirits!

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