Our Ethos

Since Alex first started making and selling his jewellery over 30 years ago, he has always been mindful of the impact of his work and the jewellery industry as a whole, on the environment and its people. As our team, customers and community have steadily grown, recognising, addressing and managing the environmental and social impacts of our business with a balance of positive action, has remained of huge importance to us all - from our brand ethos to our making process, the materials we use, and our partners and suppliers.

Our Ethos hub outlines our actions as a small business to be as conscientious as we can be in regards to the jewellery we make. In line with developments in our industry and our personal learnings, our approach is continually evolving - so do continue to check back in. We welcome all feedback, questions and discussion - so if you would like a more detailed answer to any of the topics touched upon here, please get in touch with our Customer Care team here.

Original Bumblebee Gold Necklace by Alex Monroe being handmade at the jewellery bench

Our Jewellery

From Alex’s and our team's conscientious approach to design, to our ‘Handmade in England’ craftsmanship process, and the responsible sourcing of our metals and gemstones. Discover our approach to responsibility when it comes to the creation of every piece of Alex Monroe jewellery.

As a company, Alex Monroe has always tried to be as responsible as possible. We love what we do, but jewellery making has a notoriously complicated history when it comes to ethical practice and sustainability - particularly in regard to the mining of metals and gemstones. It can be hard to trace everything back to source, and the task can often seem daunting - however we are committed to continually reflecting on our practises and taking steps to do what we can to make positive change.

Alex Monroe
Founder and Designer

Alex Monroe Jewellery London Workshop

Our Business

It’s not just about the jewellery. From our London boutiques and workshops to our packaging and people. We have always worked to minimise our impact and ensure social and environmental consideration remains at the heart of our business.

Alex Monroe Jewellery London Workshop
Alex Monroe teaching jewellery making at his London workshop

Our Community

It’s the support of our wonderful community of partners, customers, friends and fans who enable us to do what we love - and it’s always been important for Alex and our team to pay it back where we can be most helpful! From our charity partnerships and educational support initiatives to working to enable inclusivity and representation in both our industry and society as a whole.