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By Alex Monroe

When Diamonds are Forever, how do you even begin to choose? We invite you into our Diamond Library to discover stones with an array of carats, cuts, colours and provenance.

These carefully crafted One of a Kind Rings are set with an eclectic, hand-picked selection of diamonds, from antique to lab-grown, dazzling white to sumptuous colour. Whether perusing your preference or reading up for research, our Diamond Library presents honest information, to allow an informed, personal choice

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wild rose leaf fine alex monroe one of a kind ring placed on a open book

Traditional Diamonds

Long considered the most popular choice, ‘Traditional’ white diamonds are not actually white at all, with hues ranging from as colourless as a drop of water to having tints of light yellow, light brown or grey. One of the ‘Four C’s’ discussed in reference to diamonds refers to its Colour, with high value placed upon how close a stone is to being colourless - the rarest. Our white diamonds are sourced by our long-term and trusted supplier, Clark Diamonds, a UK based company whose stones all comply with the Kimberley Process.

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wild rose leaf fine alex monroe one of a kind ring placed on a open book
coloured diamonds in the workshop bespoke by alex monroe
alex monroe one of a kind ring in workshop alex monroe
alex monroe one of a kind ring in workshop alex monroe
wild rose leaf vine chocolate diamond ring alex monroe in a vintage brown box lifestyle

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds naturally come in many colours other than white, and are often referred to as ‘Fancy’. Coloured diamonds have their own grading system, and are valued for the intensity and distribution of their colour. Intense colour can also be achieved using a process of irradiation, but any diamonds used in Alex Monroe jewellery will always be natural in colour.

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natural history solitaire diamond band ring on model

Antique Diamonds

Antique diamonds will have been mined and shaped by hand at least 100 years ago, meaning that the facets will be bigger and less uniform than those seen in modern stones. Although not as obviously dazzling, the sparkle of old cut diamonds feels deeper and warmer, with the eye drawn into the stone, instead of bouncing the light back out. Antique diamonds also perhaps offer a touch more romance, as they perform so well in low, or candle lit settings.

natural history solitaire diamond band ring on model
Polished Signet Daimond Ring alex monroe jewellery

Lab Grown Diamonds

The subject of lab-grown Diamonds is one of much debate. They provide an option outside conventional mining, which is historically problematic for both social and environmental reasons - but could ultimately remove much-needed income from mining communities, and many ‘Labs’ often have an unknown or undisclosed environmental impact.

We chose to offer stones from The Diamond Foundry, the world’s first diamond producer to be certified with a zero carbon footprint. The Diamond Foundry’s production is based in Washington State and powered by the Columbia River using renewable hydroelectric power.

Fine Coral Diamond Texture Ring

Ocean Diamonds

Ocean Diamonds are a pioneering supplier working with professional divers to source diamonds from the seabeds around Namibia and South Africa. Their diamonds can be traced from diver to final owner - a transparent supply chain which not only creates minimal environmental impact, but also ensures the provenance of their diamonds is ethical and conflict-free.

Fine Coral Diamond Texture Ring

Personal Shopping

Discover our jewellery in more detail, either in person or on a video call with a member of our expert team.

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emerald diamond ring being worked in alex monroes workshop

Handmade in England & Ethical

At Alex Monroe, we have been proudly hand making jewellery in England using a mix of traditional and specifically developed techniques, for over 30 years. From the inspiration behind our collections, to how our collections come to life, read on to discover the making process behind every piece of Alex Monroe jewellery.

bespoke set up with green gemstones and ring


Alex’s signature natural style has been reimagined by our design team as a stunning selection of One of a Kind hairpieces. Completely handmade, each piece and sets of pins features a unique configuration of florals, leaves and vines, with a few of our favourite creatures dotted here and there.

bespoke set up with green gemstones and ring
Bespoke commission with green gemstone

large emerald bespoke commission by alex monroe
Bespoke commission of Tanzanite halo earrings by alex monroe

Bespoke Inspiration

Over the years the Bespoke team have made so many stunning pieces, here are just a small selection to help inspire your own Bespoke Alex Monroe design.

Large white gold diamond and sapphire ring bespoke commission ring by Alex Monroe jewellery
Small Spring Halo Ring with Natural green Diamond  bespoke ring by Alex Monroe Jewellery
large apricot bespoke commission by Alex Monroe Jewellery

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