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From Alex’s iconic bumblebee necklace, curious creatures, lockets and alphabet initial pendants, discover a selection of luxury necklaces inspired by nature and just waiting to be layered up.

  1. 18ct Yellow Gold x
  2. 18ct White Gold x
  1. 18ct Yellow Gold x
  2. 18ct White Gold x

124 Items

  1. Baby Bee Necklace
  2. 18ct Enamelled Letter K Necklace
  3. 18ct Enamelled Letter L Necklace
  4. 18ct Enamelled Letter E Necklace
  5. Bumblebee Necklace
  6. 18ct Inbetweeny Bee Necklace
  7. Teeny Tiny Bumblebee Necklace
  8. Teeny Tiny Rabbit Necklace
  9. Teeny Tiny Dragonfly Necklace
  10. Teeny Tiny Squirrel Necklace
  11. Teeny Tiny T-Rex Necklace
  12. Teeny Tiny Wren Necklace
  13. Teeny Tiny Stegosaurus Necklace
  14. Teeny Tiny Hummingbird Necklace
  15. Teeny Tiny Garden Key Necklace
  16. Teeny Tiny Lemon Necklace
  17. Rabbit Cameo Necklace
  18. Teeny Tiny Howling Wolf Necklace
  19. Teeny Tiny Mouse Necklace
  20. Teeny Tiny Mushroom Necklace
  21. Autumn Stroll Necklace with Eleven Seed Charms
  22. Wheatsheaf Drop Necklace
  23. Inline Flyaway Oat Seed Necklace
  24. Woodland Grass Necklace with Seven Seed Drops
  25. Teeny Tiny Sea Turtle Necklace
  26. Teeny Tiny Plume Feather Necklace
  27. Teeny Tiny Pea Pod Necklace with Bright Blue Sapphire
  28. Teeny Tiny Key Necklace with Lemon Yellow Sapphire
  29. Teeny Tiny Fox Necklace
  30. Teeny Tiny Snowflake Necklace
  31. Horsetail Fossil Nugget Necklace with Hanging Diamond
  32. Teeny Tiny Swallow Necklace
  33. Plume & Champagne Diamond Necklace
  34. Teeny Tiny Leaping Rabbit Necklace
  35. Teeny Tiny Diamond Daisy Necklace
  36. Floral Cluster Necklace with Bee Drop
  37. Teeny Tiny Shell Necklace
  38. Teeny Tiny Linked Heart In-Line Necklace
  39. In-Line Plume Necklace
  40. Teeny Tiny Floral Letter Q Necklace
  41. Delicate Reef Loop Necklace
  42. Reef Necklace with Opal
  43. Teeny Tiny Palm Tree Necklace
  44. Teeny Tiny Horseshoe Necklace
  45. Fine Ammonite 'Y' Drop Necklace
  46. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter A
  47. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter C
  48. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter D
  49. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter F
  50. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter B
  51. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter H
  52. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter I
  53. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter J
  54. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter K
  55. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter L
  56. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter M
  57. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter N
  58. Enchanted Twig Alphabet - Letter O

124 Items

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